Win and Meet Macy Crow and Mike Nevada in the New Year

Happy New Year! Readers first met Macy Crow in 2018 in CUT AND RUN and FBI Agent Kate Hayden's partner Mike Nevada in 2017's THE LAST MOVE. In 2019, these two will get a chance to work together in HIDE AND SEEK, releasing in April. Haven't met them? Enter for a chance...

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“A sure bet for page-turning suspense coupled with titillating love scenes.” Library Journal “Burton’s romantic crime fiction is gritty and well plotted. She leaves the reader breathless.” The Crime Warp
“[Mary Burton’s] books are right up there with the likes of James Patterson.” Fresh Fiction “A master storyteller.” Book Reporter
“If there’s a category of ‘page-turner,’ Burton would always ends up on the top of that list.” Suspense Magazine “Burton’s trademark is providing the serial killer’s viewpoint without giving anything away.” Publishers Weekly


newletterheader-02 Mary Burton loves writing, research, morning walks, baking and tiny dachshunds. She also enjoys hunting down serial killers.

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A dark alley after midnight . . . the twin sister Faith McIntyre never knew . . . an FBI agent clinging to life . . . the past rising from the grave . . . welcome to Hill Country


Debuts October 9, 2018

Buddy, Bella & Tiki