Mary Burton’s Books

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Mary Burton’s Novels, Novellas, Short Stories and Connected Books


The Dollmaker – Book Two of The Forgotten Files
The Shark – Book One of The Forgotten Files
I’ll Never Let You Go
Be Afraid
Cover Your Eyes
You’re Not Safe
No Escape
The Seventh Victim
Before She Dies
Dying Scream
Dead Ringer
I’m Watching You
November 15, 2016

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Connected Books

Cover Your Eyes · Be Afraid · I’ll Never Let You Go · Vulnerable
The Seventh Victim · No Escape · You’re Not Safe
Senseless · Merciless · Before She Dies
I’m Watching You · Dead Ringer · Dying Scream


Short Stories

Killer Nashville Noir: Cold Blooded The Keepsake
(The Morgans of Nashville)


The First Step, Florida Writers Association Volume Six The Summit

 Anthology, October 2015



Anthology, September 2014


Our First Christmas, A Ranger for Christmas
(The Texas Ranger Novels)


Silver Bells, Christmas Past
(The Richmond and Alexandria Novels)


A Season of the Heart, The Christmas Charm

A Hero’s Kiss, Snow Maiden

Christmas Gold, Until Christmas

Anthology, October 2014



Anthology, November 2008



Anthology, October 2005

Anthology, December 2003

Anthology, October 2002


Romantic Suspense

Cold Case Cop
Wise Moves
The Arsonist
In Dark Waters
January 2008
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March 2006
July 2005

Historical Romance

The Tracker
Heart of the Storm
The Unexpected Wife
The Lightkeeper’s Wife
Rafferty’s Bride
The Perfect Wife
The Colorado Bride
A Bride for McCain
September 2005
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